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Gackt SHAKUERI TV program Translation

 I was watching this recent TV show with Gackt talking about a funny story I wanted to share XD

They are talking about Gackt being born in Okinawa. The guy from the TV show asks him if he likes Okinawa. Gackt says he was born there, but moved place a lot, even if he spent the longest time in Tokyo. He says in Okinawa.... You can't go outside on the day (because it's too hot).

Gackt : I'm proud that I was good at swimming. But I almost drowned.
Guy : You almost drowned ??
Gackt : Yeah and I almost died. I was around 7. Since then I didn't dare swimming a lot after that (he uses "dame" here in Japanese) and 7 years ago I wanted to have my revenge (he uses the word "kokufuku suru" which litteraly means to conquer), I swam everyday a long distance, and I almost drowned again.  
Guy : Ehh ? How did you almost drowned 7 years ago?
Gackt : I was with my keyboard player (Igao) and I practiced swimming long distance with him everyday. (I think I remember that story, he was again in Okinawa for a trip) We could see a small island from the beach, "Let's go to the island" we said. On the way, we've been drunk by a biiig wave, I fell inside the water
Guy : You really almost died ?!!
Gackt : I fell again and again and little by little, I could not see the light anymore, first I thought "Am I really going to die this way?". I started to say sorry to many people (meaning, in his head), to the members of my GacktJob, to my fans and so on, "I'm sorry to die now this way...". 
Guy : Didn't you try to move and fight ??!
Gackt : It was painful because I drunk a lot of water, but at the moment I thought "It's all over... Bye everybody...", I suddenly thought "When was last time I had sex...??"
Guy : EEEH ?? You think about that in such moment ? At the very end?? "Thank you all, my fans..... ! When was last time I had sex???" *imitating Gackt* What happened after ?
Gackt : At this time I shared my house with people (gakushuchuu = meaning he didn't live alone, and that's right, he lived with You, and maybe other members, not sure, i'm just sure he lived with You san), and I didn't do anything (=sex) for 3 or 4 months, and we were all confined in a place in the middle of the mountain (i'm sorry I really don't know what he is talking about XD.... He really says they were confined in the middle of the mountain but did he mean his house, or when he went to this trip??) and there was no opportunity to meet girls, and when I thought "What?? I didn't do anything for 3 or 4 months....", "I'll only die after doing it !!!". 
Guy : HAHAHA !! Dictum dictum !!
Gackt : And then I started to fight and swim !
Guy : The erotic power is so good isn't it ?? And then you "came back" life right ??
Another guy : What a good story !! 
Gackt : But i think If I really had sex just some times before, I really would have die. But since I didn't have, i'm now here with you *cute smile* 
Guy : I'm impressed by you, really !!! Kakkoii ne... !

Then another guy started to imitating the scene, drowing and think "Oh shit I wanna have sex" and then the powerful magnum start to wake up and fight and swim to save Gackt's life XDDDD HAHAHAH ! Hilarious ! 

After that story, they talked about Gackt's house. It was written on his "profile" pannel that there are 4 floors and there is a "sanctuary" in the basement. 
Guy : What is this "sanctuary" on your basement ??
Gackt : *laughing* I made it
 Guy : What ?? Really ??
Gackt : Yeah
Another guy : Parthenon ?
Then a guy shows a pannel where it's written "There are pictures of Gackt's house"
Then we see some pictures that we already saw in the magazine "Bokura no riaru interia".
*picture of Gackt sitting on his sofa on the lobby*
Guy : Is it the basement?
Gackt : Now it's first floor"s lobby
Guy : Oh there is chess !!
Gackt : I love chess
Another guy : I even don't understand the rules
Guy : There are swords ! (from Diabolos), did you find them overseas ?
Gackt : I used them during a tour, so these are souvenirs. 
 Guy : Did celebrities friends came already to your house?
Gackt : Hyde came
Guy : and Japanese comedians ? Do you have Japanese comedian friends ?
Gackt : Yes, Hamada san (the guy from Hey Hey Hey)
Guy : Oh from Downtown
Gackt : Hamada is a good friend
Guy : Other famous people?
Gackt : Hmm, Yoshiki
Guy : Hyde san, Yoshiki san, Hamada san (here Hamada is written in kanji : 浜田さん), Hyde and Yoshiki are written in Romaji and only Hamada is written in kanji !! Let's write Hamada in Romaji too !!

*Then comes a second picture, Gackt's room*

Guy : Where is that?
Gackt : My bedroom
Guy : WHAT ?? Isn't it an ofuro ? (ofuro = japanese bath) This is your bed ??
Gackt : Yes
Guy : Ther's also.... Cascade ??
Gackt : Yeah that's it 
Everybody : Ehhhhh ???
Another guy : It looks like Love Ho....
Guy : Shut up !
*Gackt's laughing*
Guy : You always sleep and rest here ? (in this bed)
Gackt : Hmm well, I rest but I usually don't sleep there. I always fall asleep on the sofa. But I just sleep like 2 hours a day so...
Everybody : EHHHHHH ??? (like they discover it, LOL it's been 15 years he says so XD)
Guy : You sleep 2 HOURS A DAY ??
Gackt : Yeah 2 or 3 hours only
Guy : Whatdo you do ???
Gackt : I live !
*back to the picture*
Guy : You sleep while listening the sound of the water in your fountain / cascade ?
Gackt : Since the room is very big, I first thought "What to do with the humidifier ?" (sorry bad translation I think, don't really know how to transmlate "Kashitsuki wo doushiyou ka kangaeta" )how much (using "nan dai" which is used to count big things such as house, machines, cars...) do I need ? I've been told "Need around 30". Then I thought "Isn't it good to have a cascade?". 
Guy : I see !! I see !

* Then comes the 3rd picture : Gackt's bathroom*

Gackt : This is ofuro
Guy : This is Kenkou Land (kenkou means health) !
Another guy : You're "shomin" !! (shomin means normal people, like everybody, not celebrity)
Guy : It's because i've never seen that !
*A guy is showing the bathtub* Is it bathtub ??
Gackt : Yes and shower on the right
Guy : What is the size of this ofuro ? (only the bath part)
Gackt : Hmm I wonder...
*Guy is showing a part on the wall* Like this ?
Gackt : Yeah
Everybody: EHHHHHHH !!!
Guy : But it's useless right? Such a big ofuro, coz you don't turn around / swim in an ofuro. Does it feel good?
Gackt : Well, I wanted to soften / to be flexible. When I spreak my legs I don't like to fold them. 
Guy : But here is useless space ! (meaning it's too much big). I've really never seen such house !
Another guy : is there Ero DVD ? 
Gackt : Ero DVD ? Ah Ecchi na DVD ? (porn...)
Guy : Yeah in your bathroom
Gackt : I'm strange (special) person but, why would it be useful to watch Porn DVD ?
Guy : Eh ? Ah...
Another guy : Yeah wonder why...
*The other 6 guys are speechless XD everybody laughs*
Guy : Need reflexion !
Another guy : Because good quality pictures are good ! There even are Ero Blue Ray ! When we watch Blue Ray DVD in our TV, It's sugoiii !!! That is HERE !, we think
Gackt : Then which is the best : This Ero is good on this TV, or, This Ero is good
Guy : This Ero is good
Gackt : Yeah that's what I thought *laugh*
Guy : sorry, I answered... !

Guy : then next, "Gackt's everyday's routine" !  >> (reads on the pannel) Build a perfect body !
Gackt : During my tour, I need to have a physical strength, so we (members, staff) have training together, 5 hours every day.
Guy : Sugoi !!! There is a training room in your house too of course?
Gackt : Yeah there is a Dojo
Guy : A DOJO... in your HOUSE ???
Another guy : GACKT Dojo.... !
*The guy reads on the pannel that Gackt usually uses an abdominal muscles roller* 
* A girl brings this roller*
Guy : Oh my god this looks hard !! Show us, Gackt
*Gackt shows how to use it* 


*Everybody claps hands, says it's SUGOI and so on*

Guy : This looks easy but... Can I try ?
Another guy : It's impossible to do !!
*The guy tries and of course, falls like a crepe on the floor  LOL, it's hilarious how Gackt helps us to stand up*
Guy : You have muscles *to another guy* try it !
*This guy ALMOST do it but.... falls too*
*Other guy tries too, with no success, Gackt helps him, it's hilarious XD*

*Then it comes to "Gackt's favorite food"*

"Kyoto's Ramen"

Gackt : There is my favorite Ramen restaurant in Kyoto (Miyoshi) but usually I don't eat ramen. For my birthday (don't no which one, or he speaks in general) I go to Kyoto, eat these ramen 
Guy : You eat ramen only once a year even if you like them?
Gackt : I decided not to eat carbohydrate food
Guy : Eh ? Everyday?
Gackt : I've not ate rice for 10 years
Another guy : Why ??
Gqckt: System maintenance
Guy : Then you stopped eating carbohydrate food
Gackt : Less as possible
Guy : You're probably the only person in Japan who haven't ate rice for 10 years !!

Guy : Since your birthday was July 4th we prepared for you your favorite Kyoto's Ramen !!!
Gackt : *really surprised and biggg smile*
Guy : Is it okay? Are you eating them?
Gackt : Of course !
Guy : What is the name of that restaurant?
Gackt : Miyoshi
Guy : Is it Ramen from Kyoto?
Gackt: No, "Nagahama" (Hakata Style, Fukuoka)
Gackt : People from Hakata came to make this restaurant and it's Kyoto style ramen
Guy : Please sit *a table comes for him*
Another guy : Are we going to watch him eating??

*A girl from restaurant Miyoshi comes, with the Ramen*
Guy : You came from Kyoto?
Girl : Yes
Guy : Gackt san, is it ramen that you usually order?
Gackt : Yes, Chashuu Ramen
*Gold chopsticks*
Guy : Oh !! Gold !!
*Gackt starts eating* Itadakimasu ! *tastes* So good... !

------- Unfortunately, I found only Part 1 and Part 2 of this TV program and it stops suddenly like this T_T when I find Part 3, i'll translate it... -------

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